About Knives

At some point during a day you would have to use a knife, whether that be for buttering toast, to field dressing or gralloching a deer, proving that even in this high tech world a knife is still one of man's most basic and important personal tools.
At The Gun Room you will find one of the richest published sources of information on outdoor working blades of all kinds, including hunting knives, survival knives, camping knives, multi-tools and even the humble pocket knife.

Which Knife?

If you know the main tasks that your knife will be required to handle, then you should be able to choose the best model for the task.
In The Gun Room you will find detailed descriptions and in some cases field tests on all sorts of fixed and folding blade knives.
Two of the main types of outdoor knife are classified as hunting knives and survival knives, although you will also find lots of sub-categories or alternative names like 'skinner', 'utility', 'bushcraft'. In fact there are many overlaps between the types, their names and their uses, as even manufacturers can confuse the issue by labelling virtually identical knives differently. Just because a knife isn't labelled 'skinner' it doesn't mean that you can't skin with it. Likewise, a skinning knife can be used for lots of other cutting tasks. In The Gun Room we cut through the jargon and present knives for what they are – and many of them are very versatile tools despite what they may be called.

Hunting Knives

The hunting knife is probably the most prolific of outdoor knives and has to be capable of a wide range of ordinary outdoor cutting tasks as well as those specific to hunting. Choosing the right knife for your needs is important; the small game shooter may only need a relatively small fixed blade or folding knife for skinning and gutting rabbits, whereas the deer stalker or big game hunter will often require a much larger fixed blade knife. In The Gun Room you will find the widest coverage of available hunting knives UK and worldwide, with every review giving detailed descriptions of construction and suitability for purpose.

Survival Knives

The survival knife is also extremely popular with shooters, and is expected to take on all the tasks that you would expect to ensure that you survive in the wilderness. In some cases a simple camping knife (or a hunting knife for that matter) could be considered as suitable. Many purpose made survival knives also come complete with additional tools and survival aids, and there's often a cross over between the civilian and military markets, with each sector influencing the other; for instance the KA BAR and the Swiss Army knife are perfect examples of designs that have proved popular in both fields. Certain survival knives in the UK are known as bush knives or bushcraft knives. Make sure that you check out all the survival knife reviews in The Gun Room – your life may depend on it! Whether hunting knife, survival knife, camping knife or bushcraft knife, you won't find a better source of information than The Gun Room.

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