Article - Engraving - Overview

Embellishing your weapons is a centuries-old practice of engraving on steel or inlaying precious materials. Engraving is used to depict scenes, lettering and scrollwork.

The engraver can create pencil-like lines drawnings or many dots that can produce almost photographic images in this medium (pointism).

The engraved line in steel differs from normal engraving, this is because the engraver generally isn’t trying to achieve bright reflective cuts.

As the engraving of steel in the main will absorb light. Fine engraved lines look dark, in the spectrum of grey to a black.

Once the engraver has mastered of there art can have there embellishments on guns, knives, watches and so forth. Their artwork can incorporate techniques such as three dimensional carving, multi-coloured gold inlay, enamelling and precious stone setting.

Steel engraving still remains fundamentally a traditional art and craft, although many advances have taken place in the tools and techniques that can be used.

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Engraving Books: List

The Jewelry Engravers Manual
by R. Allen Hardy

Engraving on Precious Metals Hardcover
by A. Brittain

Art of Engraving: A Book of Instructions Hardcover
by James B. Meek

Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti: Master Engravers
by Stephen Lamboy, Elena Micheli-lamboy

Gianfranco Pedersoli: Master Engraver
by Dag Sundseth, S. P. Fjestad

Firmo Francesa Fricassi: Master Engraver
by Stephen Lamboy, Elena Micheli-lamboy

Mario Terzi: Master Engraver
by Stephen Lamboy, Elena Micheli-lamboy

Engraving Historic Firearms
By John Schippers

American Engravers-III : Masterpieces in Metal by America's Engraving Artisans
by C. Roger Bleile

British Gun Engraving
by Douglas Tate

The Basics Of Firearms Engraving
by Neil Hartliep

Gun Engraving
by Christopher Austyn


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