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Expert accounts of all the latest air pistols for sale, The Gun Room is the first choice when looking for information on these fascinating guns. Air pistols are legally available in the UK providing the muzzle energy of the pistol does not exceed 6ft/lbs, and with a few exceptions they can be owned by most law abiding adults. Air pistols come in many different shapes and sizes, and from four distinct 'power' groups; spring powered pistols, multi-shot CO2 'reproduction' pistols, full power pre-charged pneumatics (PCPs), multi and single-stroke pump pneumatics. Despite these numerous power sources, all air pistols (UK only) must stay within the legal power limit of 6ft/lbs muzzle energy. This means that the only sporting use for air pistols in the UK is for target shooting, as their limited power output precludes them from being used as a weapon/tool for hunting or pest control.

Air Pistols For Sale

The various types of air pistol have their pros and cons, making some suitable for a variety of tasks whereas others are very purpose specific. Generally speaking, single shot spring powered guns are by far the most prolific and are suitable for plinking against re-active targets – like tin cans – right up to informal target shooting at paper targets. CO2 pistols are generally made to look like 'real' cartridge pistols. They are not all that powerful nor do they offer the most precision accuracy, but they are extremely rapid to shoot and reload, and are ideal for engaging the larger targets on timed courses in Practical Pistol events. Pre-charged pneumatics (PCPs) are the most expensive air pistols and can be used for precision target, long range target and FT pistol competition. Multi-stroke mechanical pneumatic pistols cost a lot less and can be used for the same disciplines as PCP's – the only difference being that you supply the pistol's power by pumping it full of air. Before you buy an air pistol, make sure you are getting exactly what you need for the sports that you wish to take part in. Once you have decided exactly want, there's no better place to find what you are looking for than the pages of The Gun Room, one of the foremost shooting magazines for all guns including air pistols for sale UK. Whether you are looking for a hi-tech pre-charged pneumatic match pistol or cheap air pistols for some fun plinking in your back garden, you will find them all here in The Gun Room.

Buy Cheap Air Pistols

Although it is tempting to buy cheap air pistols, it is always best to first find the type that you want, then buy the best of that type that you can afford. There is no doubt that there are some very reasonably priced examples to be had, and at The Gun Room you will find the biggest choice of air pistol UK wide. Don't forget that with The Gun Room's classified ad service you can not only buy airguns, but you can also offer your own air pistol for sale online.

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