All about us and entering into the world of "The Gun Room"...

You will be learning to shoot and how to improve your technique, using the best equipment from vintage to tactical.

Other skills to learn from subjects such as cooking food, bush craft, survival, understanding ballistics, maintenance, DIY projects and many more.

Add a Classified advert and Sell your unwanted shooting equipment... Save your cash from your adverts towards buying new or lusted after equipment or other shooting paraphernalia.

Enter into any of our competitions, but you must be registered with us first to be able to enter any of them... We have FREE or use a Credit(s) for the cost of entry into a competition, they will state required amounts... Good luck...

We are a online company, so we keep our costs low and pass on the savings to our trade customers and offer great prizes. Started as we have a passion for target shooting, the skill to place a projectal into a target at set distance, battle the elements from wind to rain, check your breathing and concentration... The projectile hits it target and you get the satifaction of all the skills needed.

Then the skills of the gunsmith / maker from clothing, accessories and the gun, each one has the lots of moving parts that comes together in a feat of engineering. The engraver that produces works of art in heartof steel, to the airgun tuner that helps to regulate the air supply in the PCP rifle for constant pressure.


Simon Reilly

Simon Reilly

Trained as a gunsmith in the Birmingham Gun Quarter, and sales in London. Currently a Graphic Designer and Web Developer.



A "Blue Roan" - cocker spaniel - But does have mad cocker spaniel syndrome, friendly to the family but to anyone else is just plain evil.



At somepoint in the near future, we might will be recruiting, or you might be just interested in writing articles or research for us...

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