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All About Us.

This website is for the shooting community, designed and built with shooting in mind. As we enjoy shooting targets to gain experience in a clean shot.

We will be continuing to develop this website with new content and sections. Updated daily with the latest guns and accessories available in the UK or World Market places, all of our reviews appear online have been written by our expert team of writers.

Furthermore, there's free access to read any of the reviews. There will also include in depth tests on Shotguns, Rifles, Airguns and Airsoft; plus reviews on every accessory a shooter would need ranging from clothing / moderators / scopes & optics / ammunition / footwear / security - the list is endless!

We also offer on the reviews will be your chance to comment - whether it's good or bad, leave advice for other users or a question to another user/the editorial team. It's completely interactive at The Gun Room !!!

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